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2010 ENnie and my iPad

I posted a while back that I purchased an iPad for my wife, though I did have plans for it myself, namely, gaming. What’s this have to do with ENnie awards? Not much unless you play Pathfinder, and need quick access to the rules, then it’s the d20PFSRD website I got to the most. I

Looks like it is ENnie time again

ENnie activity is starting again as we get closer to Gen Con this August 4th through the 8th. I just recieved an email newsletter from Lone Wolf Development and it looks like it might be up for an ENnie for Hero Lab. Woo hoo! I use Hero Lab to help build Pathfinder Characters for my

Stop, stay out of the light

I watched Raiders of the Lost Ark again yesterday and as usual it inspired the evil game master lurking inside of me; all these years later the traps in the opening scenes are still fresh and cool. The one that always bothered me was the first one, Indy says “stop, stay out of the light”.

Dwarven Forge Does it Again

I am on the mailing list for Dwarven Forge, and this afternoon, they sent me a message about their new 3d dungeon tile set called the Ruins Set. This email caught my eye, because it matches very close to the way I actually end up using the sets I purchased from them in the past.

Small LFR con in Orlando FL July 4th

Well things are calming down from my move. Today, I took a peek at Warhorn and saw that there is a small LFR con going on in Orlando on the 4th of July. Too bad it is LFR, otherwise, I would go. I kinda sold all my 4e gear. The con is sponsored by a

Sometimes all you need is some dice, some legos and a colossal red dragon

Last weekend on Father’s Day my son, who is six, decided it was his time to run a game. He spent an hour digging through his Legos, and my game figure box. He built a path with Heroscape hexes and then loaded it with traps, which, if we defeated, gave out lego studs for us

Ye Old PC My Dad Played

Wow, I am still organizing and unpacking from the move to Florida. The wife asked me to try and clear out as much D&D stuff as possible, so today on Father’s Day, I was drudging through the 7 boxes of RPG game gear when I came across my step dad’s old PC. Yup my step

Xmoniuum Lizard and Other Beasts Imagined on Road Trip

On our trip down to our new place in Florida, my son helped me create some new monsters for Alidor. Actually, I just listened to him tell me stories of his imagined monsters, while my wife jotted down notes. They are not stat’d out, so they could be used in almost any game system, especially

Mt Laudin Dwarves

Here are some symbols from the Dwarves of My Laudin. There are basically four groups of dwarves that can be found on or around Mt. Laudin. At one time they lived happily inside their great undermountain fortress. When the king of the kirks turned on them, they were forced to flee the safety of their

Another Fun Home Rule for Aid Another

I play pathfinder and 3.5e, in both systems, you can end up in a combat with beast that is nearly unbeatable, maybe, because the spell casters are unconscious, or out of spells, or are just disorganized. Whatever the case, it will take the brute force of melee attacks to down the monster, but the beast

Dwarves of Castle Greyhawk Stall Game

Last night was my last 3.5e game with my group here in Urbana, IL. We explored the Ruins of Castle Greyhawk. All went quite well until we had to leave, and some players could not get past the 10 percent tax levied by the dwarves that live in the ruined towers. We found a survivor

Goodbye Pathfinder for Now

I just completed my last game with my local Pathfinder group. I had a blast playing a half elf rogue alchemist, literally. As an alchemist I was able to toss bombs here and there with some decent effect. The Pathfinder twist on the rogue class was also fun to play. I chose minor magic and