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Short News updates – Youtube channel, Game of Thrones, Jade Regent campaign and more 0

Hi fellow players ! I just collected several short news regarding roleplaying and tabletop games, and Rpg.Org itself. The cover of the new A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying

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Rpg.Org Magazine – now with a YouTube channel ! 0

Hi Fellow Roleplayers ! Simply put, we are everywhere. Last year we were already available on Facebook and Twitter with daily updates. On 6th of January we announced our brand

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Metagame, RPG Web Series 0

Via , I just discovered a great new gamer web series called Metagame, that focuses on the out of character comedy that transpires at a typical game table, with little dips into character done in some fun, cheesy cartoons. Their first episode, below, is the best place to start.  Though it’s only picking up in the latest episodes, these short little tabletop humor vignettes actually…

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InSpectres movie teaser 0

I’m really curious to see what the final film will be like. In case you’ve never heard of InSpectres , you can read my review .

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