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The Disgruntled Zombie – a new Pathfinder RPG Creature and a freebie! 0

To the Pathfinder (and d20/OGL) playing world, I bring you a new creature, a new type of Undead! The Disgruntled Zombie. The disgruntled zombie is a rare form of undead creature – one that has become self-aware yet is hard pressed to change their situation, due to being controlled by some necromancer or fancy wizard, or something. The bane of Masters of the Night everywhere, a …

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4E AP: Teerna Campaign – Recap #6 (The Fey Connection) 0

The events detailed here span two sessions of play. From the memoirs of Tiberius Cosmourn Bramblewood, Shepherd and former Windrunner Desnus 25, 471 SL The situation in Murray’s Rock has more twists and turns than a bowline. Leaving the sickened Tyrinn and Thalos, who now has begun to show symptoms as well, we have visited the mysterious standing stones on the nearby hill and discovered it was actually a…

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