In February you can get a new exciting Forgotten Realms novel from Erin M. Evans and Ed Greenwood. The story takes it’s part in Waterdeep, from an inn named The God Catcher.

“A fallen statue, caught in the cobbles of the city it tried first to save, and then to destroy.

Hollowed out, built over, and rented in pieces as apartments.

Dreams heavy with prophecy emanate from

The God Catcher

Tennora wants to master wizardry at the House of Wonder and forge a life in the bustling City of Waterdeep. Her plans are unfolding admirably until a madwoman arrives at the God Catcher, where Tennora has rented a room, and screams for the landlady — soon demonstrating she’s more than a crazy woman with strong lungs. Quite a lot more.

The God Catcher is a wild adventure that rages from end to end of Waterdeep; it features vivid characters who have fascinating lives. I loved it, and you will too!

– Ed Greenwood”