Torchlight Free + Huge Game Sale on GOG

By on June 19, 2013

So I haven’t been on enough recently, my apologies! However I saw this and HAD to share with fellow gamers!


Torchlight, a game I hadn’t had the time to fully try yet, is free (DRM Free download) on, the exact link is here. Now if may show it costing a little over $7, but log in and it should show as free after that.

They also have a huge sale of games on sale for their Summer Sale, all DRM free at

But everyone loves free stuff!

Torchlight was given a pretty high score but a lot of people, where you start by choosing your main character, then choosing a canine or a feline companion who will accompany you on your journey. It’s a rather popular and fun dungeon crawler type game and well, it’s free!

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