Trail of Cthulhu: Inmates

Today is the fifth day of the official Cthulhu-week, honoring the birthday of Howard Philips Lovecraft, born on 20th August 1890. Many Lovecraftian, and occult press releases has taken place this week commemorating one of the most influental horror and fantasy author of the 20th century.
Among others, a new frame book has been released for Trail of Cthulhu RPG called Inmates. The author and designer is Robin D. Laws and has been released through Pelgrane Press. The story takes place in Butler Hospital, Rhoad Island, where the PCs are guraded in the highest security wing of the institution, but they don’t know, what have they done, and only remember their past lives up to one certain point. Then they decide to escape from the institution and investigate their forgotten past. Then they realise, that places they once knew don’t exist anymore, and that reason they were sent to Butler hospital was in connection with a series of ritual murder…

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