A new Traveller sourcebook was released this week by Mongoose Publishing, Supplement 12: Dynasty. With this new book players are able to create complete worlds, solar systems and even empires.

  Mongoose Publishing released a new sourcebook Bryan Steele for their Traveller RPG yesterday. Supplement 12: Dynasty enables players create sociologically diverse solar systems and empires, using their own worlds in their campaigns.

  The book itself a complete guide on how to create, grow and run a world on the player’s own imagination in a Traveller campaign. The book covers a wide range of aspects involving governments, infrastructure, trade, military defences and even religion.

  You may also follow the development of the various aspects with the Supplement 12: Dynasty book, as different conflicts, investments and random encounters could change or even completely ruin a world.

   The various chapters of the book are leading us through an empire’s life. First we create the core, then we fill in the background and the history for our world. Later, things gets moving as we follow our dynasty as it progress through generations, running different schemes and clash with other powers. The last parts of the book are dealing with heroes & villains, and with “how-to” roleplay Traveller: Dynasty.

  Depending on the preview on the publisher’s website, the dynasty generation process is based very sophisticated tables, detailing the various aspects of our world. Some of these things are random generated, while others may be purchased by Build Points.

  We could track a great deal of information about a single dynasty, as characteristics (Loyalty, Militarism, Tenacity, Tradition), and Base Traits (Culture, Fiscal Defence, Fleet, Technology, Territorial Defence), which are  first calculated from characteristics. We also get a nomber of base aptitudes from Recruitment to Public Relations, Research and Sabotage Of course, random encounters could further modify these thing, as rival factions, and various events could change everything.

All in all, I think it is a very useful supplement, if you want to include your own worlds into your campaign as a Game Master.

For further information about Traveller Supplement 12: Dynasty, you may check the publisher’s website : here

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros