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Earthdawn Character Editor for MAC

There are various character editors for Windows out there. But the growing company that bit the apple has spread its disease known as Mac OS, or something like that, more and more into our world. On…

Final Fantasy 14 PS3 release has made an interview with the developers of Final Fantasy 14 at the Gamescon event about various topics like the lag, auctionhouses, Guildleves and system requirements as well. They mentioned that they are still working on the PS3 version of the game but they can’t reveal more details yet. While the coming of the PS3 version is… Read More »

New Everquest episodes are coming!

The first news is that the free-to-play Everquest 2 is coming on the 17th of August. Second news is that Sony Online Entertainment has just revealed their new Everquest MMORPOG title temporarily called Everquest: Next. And finally on their annual Fun Faire event, Sony Online announced that Everquest 3 is on the way! Though it was not an… Read More »

Fable III villager maker

Linonhead Studios has made a new web application for Fable III called “Create your own villager” that allows the gamers to make their own NPC’s. Anyone can play with this application, but for those who pre-order the game from certain retailers will be given an activation code that allows them to import one character into their own copy… Read More »