A new Vampire the Redemption release is now available. If a city’s Prince is killed, the city sinks into chaos. He, who was responsible for the order, and the “peace”, can’t stop the ravaging hungry vampires anymore. What if the players’s own characters were his killers? This is, what Into the Void is about. A Storytelling Adventure System story for Vampire: The Requiem, which can help you navigate trough the horrors that swiftly move to fill the void…

“At the top of it all, sitting comfortably at the zenith of the city’s nocturnal hierarchy, is the Prince. The Prince is a bastard and monster, yes, but he is also the cork in a bottle. The Prince has been holding this city back from its own baser instincts for decades now.

And now somebody’s gone and fucked that all up.

In fact, the players’ own characters are the ones who bring the Prince down, not realizing that what they’re doing isn’t setting the city free—but rather, setting the monsters free.”

From: http://www.white-wolf.com/new-world-of-darkness/news/into-the-void-now-available