warcasterToday Gamescom Helmeni Games has announced a MMO strategy game entitled WarCasters, a game that takes place in their fantasy world they call Kalderon. The trailer depicts an old man running his finger over a map and picking locations rather dramatically, while a girl seems to innocently order coffee yet is confronted with a rather intriguing stranger bearing a certain symbol….among other things, the teaser does exactly what it’s suppose too and leaves you wanting more at the end, well, just look yourself!

The origin of the WarCasters lay within it’s history, the history of Kalderon, where they initially formed as a result of the magical experiments of The Order before the cataclysmic Great Wrath (or, the era of magical warfare and the escaped dragons).  These experiments were partly successful, infusing certain humans with a dragon’s essence and as consequence saw fit they were given the ability to control and channel the magical forces of the dragons. (Though I am often skeptical when it comes to such a great power in games.) This means that the source of WarCasters power comes directly from the dragons.

Though this has turned the world upside down, many of the older archaic structures have since collapsed, so rebuilding societies and even organizing your communities is only the first step, as you have a long journey, WarCaster. You shall enter the world of Kalderon, find and claim your tower for within it holds all of your power, you must take good care of your dragon, build your realm, gather and trade resources as well as strengthen your forces.

The omens will lead your way through this next generation 3D free-to-play online strategy game, they promise unique elements for the genre (including mini games) and increased interactivity and social gaming to help bring the players together in one game. This will be a browser based game that will also be available on mobile platforms. Currently they are doing Early Access sign-up on their homepage, which I have signed up for and hopefully will know more about this game in the coming months. You can check it out at www.warcaster.com


Happy Gaming!