Do you want deeper social interactions in your Warhammer Fantasy campaign? Do you want to include detailed secret societies, retainers, and the subtle influence of Slaanesh ? Lure of Power, just released by Fantasy Flight Games is the perfect supplement for you then.

In many cases, especially where the characters have connections with the nobility, social encounters could be at least as important as any battle. A lot of player groups takes this even further, taking the focus of  their campaign into the seemingly peaceful halls of the nobility, where words are much more dangerous than any sword. In the dark halls there is always the Lure of Power. Secret societies waving their web, while minions of the Dark Prince seducing and corrupting those, who seems to have the purest of hearts. The Lure of Power source book has all of this and even more.

So what is included in Lure of Power ?

The product consist two books in a single package . The first is a book, also called Lure of Power, which introduces the nobility of the Old World, the justice system and social interactions in great detail. It also contains many game information from new career paths to additional rules to the setting. The other sourcebook, Liber Ecstatica focuses on the darker things : the influence and minions of Slaanesh, and on innocent looking secret societies, with dark secrets and agendas in the background.

In Lure of Power there are three new basic character careers (Courtier, Fop and Minstrel) and seven new advanced careers like the Master Thief or the Guildmaster. All of these are nicely fit to the book’s setting. We get rules for noble birth and it’s benefits, and also a great deal of background material on nobility. We get additional rules for social encounters, retainers (hired help) and special rules for the “Battle of Wits”, where you could beat your opponent by words alone, causing shame to overwhelm him.


The priests of Sigmar preach that the True Gods play on the base emotions of men, but it is Sigmar who rules through Fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of the different, but even worse: fear of ourselves, fear of our own power. I throw off those shackles of fear; I live a life fuller and richer than any of the Sigmar-fearing sheep. I dare to be great, I dare to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous. I strive for perfection. If that is heresy, so be it. I may die, but at least I have lived.
–The last words of Bertholdt Freude, executed for heresy


  Slaanesh offers perfection, beauty, knowledge to it’s followers and tempts to experience all the pleasures that life offers. Liber Ecstatica contains everything you need to include his machinations and minions in the game. The book describes five secret societies in detail, with a great deal of rules about how to include them into your campaign. Players may also join these groups, and you get optional mechanics for membership, and a secret society sheet for all groups to track the offered benefits from rank to rank.

Game Masters receive seven different new daemonic servant and several mortal minions of the Dark Prince to include into thier campaign, and also rules to create champions and beastmen for Slaanesh.

This book also contains a new 21-page adventure, Mirror of Desire, which may be tempting to try out.

All in all, Lure of Power seems to be a very detailed and well executed resource to the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay system, expanding it even further into a brand new direction.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros