Paradigm Concepts released a new expansion to their Witch Hunter product line, a sourcebook about the Aztec Empire. The very same empire, that in the alternate history of Witch Hunter destroyed Cortez, and now rules a much bigger area than ever.

  Witch Hunter: Aztec Empire is a new sourcebook for Paradigm Concept‘s Witch Hunter RPG. It deals with the title empire, it’s powers, politics, and it’s role in the game world, as well as including many game information to include them in a campaign, even as a center theme.

“The old Myths and Legends were not meant to entertain, but to warn: Beware what dwells beyond or you will not live to regret it!”

  What is Witch Hunter ? It’s a horror roleplaying-game, which takes its setting in a somewhat different 17th century America than what we know. In it’s alternate timeline witchcraft is abound. The New World is filled with danger, but it’s much more than mundane dangers. The real threat is the dark and corrupt invisisble world, where foul creatures and dark magicians dwell.

  The New World is very different, as Cortéz was slaughtered by the Aztecs decades ago, and they become the primary power in the region. The continent is full with dark magic and evil creatures. Smallpox, the greatest catastrophe what the natives suffered in the real world is diminished, so there is a much bigger number of Indians that you may guess.

  In this world the player characters are the “good guys”, and playing the so called witch hunters, to defend the innocent and to face those things in the dark. As the elite members of the Order of Solomon they are well trained to do their job.

  Witch Hunter: Aztec Empire giving players and game masters a more in-depth look int the Aztec civilization. Fueled by blood magic and a great number of fanatical warriors, they threaten to drive the Spanish from the mainland. Potential players receive detailed information on the different provinces of the empire, as well as on history and culture.

  Game information consist many usable things, like equipment available on Aztec lands, and detailed information on possible adversaries and their tactics. We get details on the horrific blood magic of the Aztecs, on their warrior traditions, and the evil relics of their gods. We may  also face the legendary monsters of the area, like the  bloodthirsty Chupacabra and the horrifying Children of Motecuhzoma.

I think it seems a good expansion for the core game, and a very good campaign resource.

You may purchase this product on DriveThruRPG here, if you would like to.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros