Master of Magic is a classic game that ultimately is what Worlds of Magic is following, looking to rebuild that game genre in a whole new way they have recently and successfully been funded on kickstarter! With around six days left, they are still looking to hit their stretch goal, but the good news is it looks like we have a whole new game at our finger tips.

Worlds of magic you play as a Sorcerer Lord and you rule a small village from up top your lofty and classical sorcerer’s tower, with dreams of conquest and furthering your own land you’ll have to hone your powers to get there! This game is based on a classical genre or the “4x strategy game set in a fantasy universe.”

World of Magic Screenshot
We told you to stay out of Shrek’s swamp!

Similar to a famous old school game Heroes of Might and Magic, the main gameplay takes on the world map where you will migrate your armies about and explore your future realms! You manage your cities, build, upgrade, create more of a military force, you can train and summon, and hire heroes and mercenaries. Nothing you shouldn’t already know the basics on how to do, but you can finally do it in a new game!

World of Magic
Did we mention its DRM free?

World of magic you will get to choose from 10 Leaders, or you can even create your own. There are six factions, 80 different units, 12 spell circles, 300 spells, 7 planes to explore, 45 special units, and a partridge in a pair tree. Needless to say, you won’t be bored anytime soon.

The game seems promising, and I hope with their backing even and improve in the in-game graphics will go up, but the game itself has a lot of promise, you can check out the last stretch of the kickstarter here, or their Steam Greenlight, or lastly their actual website! Game on, guys!