Way of the Yakuza is a new supplement, released by Rite Publishing to the Pathfinder RPG system. Inside the book, you will find every background detail and game information to include the yakuza into your campaign.

  Yesterday Rite Publishing released a new sourcebook written by Jonathan McAnulty for the Pathfinder RPG system, dealing with the Yakuza. The Way of the Yakuza book use Rite Publishing’s setting of Kaidan, which is a Japanese ghost story setting, but the information provided could be useful in any setting where Yakuza is present. You could get a small, well written peak into Kaidan, and it’s short history on the publishers’s website, here.

  Inside the book, we get a very good description about the yakuza, it’s history and how is it works. It’s based on organizations, originally created to defend the lower caste people from bandits, now it’s a big criminal organization. They still thinking of themselves as the protectors of their people, which has some truth in it.

 Above the rich background, Way of the Yakuza also contains information to create yakuza related characters. We get new archetypes, feats, traits, spell, and even enchanted tatoos to use in our games. We also get some useful, brand-new yakuza-gang stat blocks.

  To complement all of this, the book also contains information on a Yakuza controlled mountain village, including a map and several adventure seeds.

You may purchase Way of the Yakuza, or look at the product preview at DriveThruRPG : product page

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros