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We are a hungarian team who have been playing and developing role playing games for years. Currently we are working on recreating one of the things that started us on the road of becoming role playing fans - fantasy gamebooks. We wanted to make something that was true to the game’s origins, but also uses the opportunities provided by modern technology.

The project was imaginatively dubbed 6Quest (we started with six quests) and quickly became a success in Hungary. Now we are seeking ways to share our game with a wider audience. We have already translated our short introductory quest, Awakenings, which helps you familiarize yourself with the world and the basic game mechanics, and we have some teasers for our six upcoming starting quests.

These are all gamebooks, where you can be the hero of a fantasy story. They touch on diverse themes, you might play a barbarian warrior in one book, and a hapless city watchman, or a strong willed princess in the next. The game also uses many new features, never before possible in these type of stories. Complex trials, creative use of magic, timed challenges and innovative moral choice systems ensure, that your choices really matter.

If you are interested check it out - it’s free:


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