by admin in Nov 28,2016

In the past few months old's team have been working hard on their very own interactive story game: 6Quest. This resulted in an app that is now available for free in the google playstore. The app features a user friendly, highly polished version of the game, with plenty of new content for previous players.

Just Another Day and Shipwrecked have both been updated, plenty of bugs fixed and brand new, original illustrations introduced to them. Awakenings - the short introductory quest - has been expanded, and is now three times its previous length with an exciting new location to explore, puzzles to solve and an exciting boss battle to fight.

With plenty of new content yet to come, 6Quest still features a unique game system which will have you on your toes as you play. Branching paths, timed challenges, moral choice systems and resource management will ensure that your choices actually matter and you can shape the story with your decisions. Do you take a bribe? You better make sure it won’t come back to bite you in the rear later!

Want to kill a few goblins you don’t like? Be prepared for the wrath of the entire village! You can have dialogues with NPCs and collect codexes - small pieces of game lore - to familiarize yourself better with the game world. Or just ignore all of that and find solutions to your problems on your own. Multiple endings await to reward your playstyle - or to punish it.

High replayability is further helped by plenty of achievements in the games, some are pretty easy to get but others will need you to be creative. Check it out right now!

Click here - 6Quest Interactive Stories

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