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6Quest, the popular Hungarian interactive fiction game is being translated to English - provided it reaches its Kickstarter goal.

6Quest is a collection of online fantasy gamebooks taking place in the shattered world of Felorian.

The players assume the role of Arkhons, extradimensional entities who are trying to collect pieces of forgotten memory from the history the world by assuming a multitude of roles in markedly different settings.

Each setting is a separate quest, and can be enjoyed on its own, or as a part of the whole. There are currently seven pieces of interactive fiction available. A short introductory quest, Awakenings helps you familiarize yourself with the world and the basic game mechanics, and six playable demos for the quests that will be translated with the Kickstarter funds.

The stories touch on diverse themes, you might play a barbarian warrior in one book, and a hapless city watchman, or a strong willed princess in the next. 6Quest has a unique game system. It allows for a multitude of features in the stories: branching paths, timed challenges, character development, moral choice systems, resource management, dialogues, multiple endings just to name a few.

The stories are also connected to each other in a metagaming layer, and players can earn achievements, new character levels and pieces of game lore which continue to expand the game’s universe and enrich the experience.

You can try the demos without registration at 6Quest Demo Site If you like what you see, please consider backing the project on Kickstarter: 6Quest Kickstarter Page  

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