The Dragon #3 part 2 dragon magazine

The Dragon #3 part 2

The Gnome Cache Chapter 3 and 4: Gary's serialised novel continues. In these two chapters, Dunstan escapes from the ruffians he hooked up with last time, and takes the stableboy Mellerd into his employ. As for tidbits for me to include in the World of Grey

The Dragon #3 part 1 ultimate sandbox

The Dragon #3 part 1

My epic trek continues, with a foray into The Dragon #3. As usual, I'll begin with a brief description of those articles which have no bearing on my mammoth project. Dragon Rumbles starts the issue with an eloquent editorial defense of the use of fiction in

Supplement IV: Gods, Demi-Gods & Heroes ultimate sandbox

Supplement IV: Gods, Demi-Gods & Heroes

And so it comes to this: the last D&D supplement! Come on, it says so right in the foreword. No more supplements after this one, honest! Well, technically it's true, because this is the last official product for this version of D&D. But it still seems laugh

The Dragon #2 part 2 odnd

The Dragon #2 part 2

First things first, apologies for missing my posts over the last week. I have been very ill, and I suspect that I was level-drained by a KFC fillet burger. But enough of that! Hale and hearty, I continue with The Dragon #2. THE GNOME CACHE part 2: The seco

The Dragon #1 part 2 dragon magazine

The Dragon #1 part 2

And now, The Dragon #1, part the second. CREATURE FEATURE – THE BULETTE: This monster is also known as the Landshark, which the internet assures me is a reference to some obscure comedy show that we didn't get in Australia. Can't have been very good if we d

The Dragon #1 part 1 Blog

The Dragon #1 part 1

Today I move on from Supplement III, and tackle the premiere issue of The Dragon. Formerly known as The Strategic Review, this magazine is now twice as big and a whole lot more fancy. The content isn't particularly different at this stage, but there's an...

Post-Eldritch Wizardry Campaign Round-Up Adventure

Post-Eldritch Wizardry Campaign Round-Up

The following shows what the campaign will look like once everything up to and including Supplement III: Eldritch Wizardry has been included. It should also be noted that the last time I did this was just before I tackled Supplement II, so the new inclusio