by Lady Rukiara in May 21,2016

Hey Adventure Time fans, it looks like its that time to save the Ice Kink and Lulu the Princess!

And all without ever putting your phone down--no literally! Dungeon Link is the new game for Android and iOS that gives you the amazing ability to explore their new world and save your friends! Or, not so friends?

Either way. Your new friends await you in the world of Kanterbury! GAMEVIL and Cartoon Network have partnered to introduce the latest Dungeon Link cross-over, Dungeon Link: Adventure Time.

Using easy-to-learn puzzle mechanics, Dungeon Link will let players connect colored tile blocks together while using several memorable characters fromAdventure Time. Launching today, Dungeon Link will give players access to new themed areas and heroes while continuing on an epic quest to save both Katerbury and the Land of Ooo.

Details include:

  • New Adventure Time Heroes: Players will be able to summon over 20 new Adventure Time characters to assist them. Discover the marvel of each character and how they fit in your team.
  • Three Unique Episodes: Enjoy three new and exciting Adventure Timescenarios to play through. Each episode will take you on epic journey as you travel with Finn and friends while battling against new and familiar enemies. Episode one: Ice Kingdom will have players uncover the whereabouts of the missing Ice King. In episode two, players must travel through the Ancient Hero’s Temple. Finally, in episode three, our heroes will face off against the wicked Andras, the Demon God!
  • Unique Character Abilities: Dungeon Link’s heroes have access to powerful abilities, and the Adventure Time cast is no different. Each character can perform special abilities, such as the ability ‘Jake Hammer ‘which has Jake smashing all enemies with his giant fist and has a chance to stun all targets.
  • New Tree Fort: Players will use Finn’s famous Tree Fort as new base of operations while travelling across the Land of Ooo.

Published and serviced worldwide by GAMEVIL USA, the collaboration with Cartoon Network continues to expand mobile gaming into the many different mediums of entertainment and media.

Dungeon Link: Adventure Time is now available to download via Google Play and App Store.

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