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Hi fellow players,

  Based on the responses I received, many people enjoyed my previous half dozen sample characters for the Legend RPG. So I decided to continue the series with another six, bringing up the total number of available characters to a full dozen.

  For some time this will be the last batch of playable characters, but I have other plans : the first batch of NPC-s will be available before Chrismas ! Currently I'm working on a simplified but complete layout for the  statistics of the non-player characters. Be ready to meet the blacksmith, the city guard, and the local guide !

But for now, let's see the new 6 playable characters.

The Assassin (download)

The Assassin is another stealthy character, as the Thief was in the last group. This character is not suited for a head to head fight, but could be deadly if fighting from the shadows. (striking first is more than recommended)

Character options :

- You may change the crossbow to a couple of daggers (more practical in some cases) - You may decrease both Streetwise and Track with 10% and increase Disguise and Mechanics with the same, representing an Assassin who don't search for information himself

The Bodyguard (download)

It's another martial character with a twist : the Bodyguards skills were selected to help him in protecting others. This is why I spent lots of points on Perception, Insight, First aid and Lore (Tactics). With a respectable 75% close combat, and with a good Strike Rank he should be able to block most attackers.

Character options :

- You could select a single Craft or Lore skill to represent the character's knowledge - You may change the weapons of the character, if different weaponry is more suited for your guards - It's possible to change Bearing Witness 2 to Bladesharp 2 or Countermagic 2 if you want

The Knight (download)

A classic armored knight with his steed - the Knight could be one of the most powerfull close combat characters from the whole dozen. His only real weakness that he is slow (2 base CA), what is somewhat negated by his 4 AP armor and high damage output. Also, he has some skills what makes him a real noble, and not only a warrior.

Character options :

- You should choose the Knight's second Close Combat skill (use a Lance for jousting knights or a 2H weapon on foot) - Do you want a Knight on foot instead of heavy cavalry ? Take -20% on Ride and add +10% on Brawn and Unarmed - Maybe your Knight spend more time between nobles and fine ladies than on the battleground : Take -10% on the two CC skill, Unarmed, Resilience and Persistence. Add Seduction at 30% and +10% on Courtesy, Dance and Influence

The Merchant (download)

If you want to use brain more than brawn, and you don't want to be a spellcaster either the fine Merchant maybe a good choice. While not as good in combat as others he is filled with useful skills, like Commerce, Evaulate and Influence.

- Choose a Lore skill to represent your Merchant's speciality (if any) - You may change any of the Common Magic spells for Protection 2 if you want more staying power for the character - The merchant could have an armored robe as the Priest do for an extra 350 Sp (changing his AP on all areas to 2 and lowering Strike Rank with 1)

The Primitive (download)

As the name implies, the Primitive is one of the tribesman with not much connection to civilization. He is a good hunter, but compared with other martial characters he is somewhat under armed and armored. However if he gets a better shield and armor while adventuring he will be much more competitive.

Character options :

- Choose a craft skill suitable for your character - Maybe the character lives next to the shore of ar iver, lake or a sea. Decrease Brawn, Track and Resilience with 10% to add 30% to Swim. Remove Craft and add 35% Boating

The Shaman (download)

More than any other character I made, the Shaman is all about magic. He could use 2 different kind of magic above common spells : Divine Magic and Spirit Magic, but as a tradeoff he is very weak in personal combat. This is why a think that a wolf companion (acquired with Fang Brother and Beast Call) should help a little.

Character options :

- you may replace the spells and the bound spirit with something more suitable for your campaign

(Errata : The Shaman has got a Shortspear and not a Light Crossbow. I fix the character sheet as soon as I can)

Zoltán "Cain" Mészáros

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