by Lady Rukiara in Mar 12,2016

Indie game studio Thing Trunk releases new hack & slash trailer for PC. Pre-orders available now!  Thing Trunk is an independent game studio that has announced their new game titled Book of Demons. Book of Demons is a dark fantasy action RPG rolling out of steam and only available on PC. The game will be available during the second half of this year, 2016.

Thanks to our trusty Humble Store, the game can be pre-ordered at a limited time promotional price of $14.95 on their official website. A small glimpse and story snippet of the game can be viewed on their official Announcement trailer that we've gone ahead and put just...down here....for you to check out!

There! Now that you've taken a glimpse at that, let's get to what makes Book of Demons stand out from all the other fantasy hack and slash, smashy games out there! Book of Demons promises to have many twists in the basic gameplay mechanics as well as sporting the paper cut-out style of graphics, and you'll also get unprecedented accessibility.

The game has a dark theme that mingles itself with a good amount of humor that will be easily related to those who have a keen eye for the classic games. Character systems are built around a card system that supersedes and unifies items, spells, and skills.

Where as a good amount of current hack and slash games employ the classic statistics that we are so commonly use too, even if some of them change it up so we can't figure out what they mean.

What is this, an owl? Does that mean wisdom? COME ON DARK SOULS WORK WITH ME HERE. Ahem. Book of Demons features multiple discrete player and monster mechanics that you can combine with what is seemingly an infinite number of interesting ways to give a high replayability and almost endless gameplay. This is going to be the first installment in the Return 2 Games series that Thing Trunk announced sometime last year.

These games will take places in the Paperverse where each character and object are made to look like some complicated origami project. Oh man, I can't even make a swan. I really hope there isn't a test on this. I could spend hours printing out my character and trying to refold her into the perfect visage of what I hope I can recreate in a tabletop manner later myself. Or, well, maybe I'll just play the game instead. I hate folding.

Book of Demons tells the classic and tale-as-old-as time story of good versus evil, a hero's quest to save the world from the most dastardly of devilish schemers. You can check out their facebook, official website, or follow them on twitter @ThingTrunk

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