by Lady Rukiara in Apr 19,2014
Apps are the new everything these days, the good ol' phrase "I have an App for that" is not only humorous but true, and it's no different in the gaming world. I have apps that hold spells, maps, sound effects, and even a back up of my character. You can practically play the entire game on your phone! Not that i'd want too, but hey! Freedom I say, Freedom! Anyways, to the point. Recently I was brought to the attention of D20 Attack by Orc Labs. Cracking into this app initially had me a little confused and frustrated, mainly because I didn't understand what the app was. For some silly reason, the idea that an app held some of my basic info for me and rolled my attacks for me  and had awesome art had not actually hit me until the next day I'm so commonly use to the app rollers/calculators that make me feel like I need to be a coder to read whats going on. The app, other than my blonde moment, was easy to use. The interface was clean and simple and has some badass art. I stress again how pleasing to the eye the app is, and its free to download and test your lvl 1 characters on. This tool is released for the Pathfinder RPG but is compatible with other d20 games. Getting more into the meat of the app it allows you to add magical enhancements to your weapons, feats, and a huge selection of condition modifiers such as exhaustion, being rushed, and a lot more. One of the more in depth ones I've seen in awhile. Check out the screen shots and see if its for you! a649a3d4700119e0c8ea9cd20dafbdf9 f37c88c44a7dd3e6d5d4474dbef32119 img1
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