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The second part of Rosemary Jones Dungeons & Dragons novel, Cold Steel and Secrets releases today. Available in e-book format, the story about the Neverwinter agent, Rucas Sarfael is continues.

  Today is the release day for the second part of Rosemary Jones four-part serial, Cold Steel and Secrets. The story takes place at the world of Forgotten Realms, and the main character, Rucas Sarfael, is an agent for Neverwinter.

  Rosemary Jones is an experienced writer regarding Forgotten Realms, as she already the author of two novels City of the Dead and Crypt of the Moaning Diamond taking place on the realms. Some of Her short stories have also appeared in Forgotten Realms anthologies including Realms of the Dead.

  The main character, Rucas Sarfael in Cold Steel and Secrets receives a mission from the spy master of Neverwinter to infiltrate a rebel group. Matching both blades and wits with the rebel leader, the fencing master Elyne, Rucas thrive to prove himself and rise in the rebel ranks.

  The premise of the book, that the main character ends every part of the series in bigger trouble than in the last part. In the second part, Rucas gets even more involved in the plans of the dangerous Elyne. As he is invited to a meeting of rebel leaders, and later leaded to a mad seer he gets clues to what he seeks, and many paths to doom.

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