by Cain.rpgorg in Nov 10,2011
Do you ever wanted to change history? Are you interested, if you were there what would happen ? Now, here is a chance to determine who will win in the Battle of Hastings, at 1066. It1s surely an interesting setting to have an adventure. Divergent Paths - Hastings is a new d20 OGL adventure written by Christopher J.N. Banks, and published by Roleplayers Chronicle. It has a major difference compared with most adventures out there : it's setting is an interesting historical encounter in the real world, and the players could change the outcome! A little lesson on history... At 14 October 1066, a great battle happened in England, The Battle of Hastings. The invading Norman army won, proving that a combined army is superior to the infantry dominated English army. The English king, Harold II has lost his life in the battle. In the aftermath the invading William became the new king on the Christmas of the same year. Divergent Paths - Hastings The adventure starts sometime before the battle, so the players could experience the happenings which lead to the battle, and they have the possibility to change the outcome. If it wouldn't be enough, they could decide, if they are playing the defending english or the invading Norman ! They combined the well known 3.5 edition OGL system, and mixed it with real world history, which seems a good combination. So fellow players, it's time to left a mark on history ! Please, share with us your experiences with this adventure, if you try it. Could the English win ? Zoltán "Cain" Mészáros
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