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Hi fellow Roleplayers,

  As you remember, in the middle of November Mongoose Publishing released Legend, a new roleplaying game we already reviewed. I instantly became a fan, and after some playtesting I decided to provide some additional material to my fellow players, as well as my own players.

  What do I mean ? Well I intend to do a lot : sample adventures, characters, monsters and anything else what comes to my mind could appear on Rpg.Org in the near future. For first time, I created six somewhat archetypical character for players.

  You may ask, why I did sample characters first? Well, I tought that new players could use these arhetiyical characters almost instantly without to much worry, and Game Masters could use these as potential intant NPC-s who could appear in their campaign.

  I think none of these characters are min-maxed or uber-powerfull, but they are certainly playable, and perfectly suitable for first-time Legend players. For all character I will include some options to modify the character for a somewhat different configuration.

To play these charactery you need to do three (of four) steps : - Print the chosen character - Modify it according the provided options (optional) - Purchase additional equipment - Roll for family and background Without further addo, lets see the characters. The Barbarian (download)

The simplest of the sample characters, the Barbarian is strong but slow. With good close combat stats, and a  healthy damage modifier he really shos that offense is the best defense.

Character options :

- You may change the Battleaxe/Bucker combo to a Greataxe for even more offensive edge. - You may replace Heal 2 with another common magic spell to lend a bigger staying power to the Barbarian. Potential candidates are Endurance, Countermagic Shield, and Protection

The Archer (download)

As the Barbarian, the Archer is also a very good combat focused character. While he is not bad with his Spear & Shield combo, his main focus are archery and scouting, so it is suited for players who want to do something else above fighting.

Character options:

- you may change the common spells to be more combat/archery oriented intead of prividing ranger-like abilities. Fire arrow, Multimissile and Speedart are all viable options

- you may remove the Buckler for additonal money, thus giving the Archer more equipment. A First Aid kit could be viable, maybe combined with Cauterise

The Flameguard (download)

Not as trained in Close Combat in skills as the previous two, the Flameguard has many options in his repertoire. First, he has much better armor and a shield to defend himself, while he has multiple offensive Common Magic spells to chose from, and with Meditation he may regain his used Magic points quickly.

You may recognize, that he has a Lore (Theology) skill, so he could be a priest of some flame related god (Cleansing Flame cult) in the future.

Character options :

- You may change some of his spells for other fire related effects : Light, Flame Arrow, Ignite,Warmth are all possible options

- You may abandon the fire-theme completely. Then you may change his common spells to the following : Countermagic shield 2, Detect (magic), Protection 1, Bladesharp 2, and replace Lore (Cleansing flame) with Lore (Alchemy) 41%

The Priest (download)

Actually an initiate instead of a real clerical figure, the Priest offers a lots of thing to the party as the only character with Divine magic. A whole sleeve of healing abilities and with the Shield spell the Priest could drastically increase the chance of survival both for himself and for his companions. He also have some useful skills outside of combat, like Influence and Streetwise.

Character option:

- You may change his spells and his cult to anything else which is more suited to your campaign

The Sorcerer (download)

As the Priest, the Sorcerer also has something unique to offer : Sorcery spells. With enough time to ready himself he could be suprisingly effective and well defended in combat for a caster, and he has several useful skills to use after the action.

You may recognize, that his character-sheet is modified, so you could see the table about Manipulation effects without referring to the rulebook.

Character options:

- The character has an unnamed Lore skill, which could be anything you would like to have.

- As for the Priest, you may change the available spells for the Sorcerer depending on your campaign

The Thief (download)

Compared to the other characters, the Thief is more about avoiding combat than to fight it. Luckily he has a lots of skills to help him like Stealth, Disguise and Mechanism. Also, only he and the Priest are receiving bonus to Improvement rolls, which could provide some help in the long run.

Character options:

- You may change some of the Thief's equipment : maybe he should use throwing daggers instead of a crossbow, and use a Sword & Dagger or Sword & Shield skill instead of dual-sword.

- You may change his Lore (art) for something more suited to your character concept

I hope, you will enjoy using our characters in your campaign, as well as our other material in the near future. If you would like to see a specific character concept, or something else, don't hesistate to ask !

Zoltán "Cain" Mészáros

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