by Lady Rukiara in Dec 21,2012
drinkingquestWhen I was first approached to review Drinking Quest I was alive with glee, as we always struggle to play DnD or other tabletop games drunk is usually complicated for my group, and choosing between drinking and gaming sometimes a hassle. This promised to bring the two together for me and I could be nothing more than happy, and just in time for Christmas, too!   When I got the package it held a few surprises for me, originally I was expecting just Drinking Quest but I was also blessed with Drinking Quest 2 (which I have yet to be able to try), as well as a few autographed cards and inside each box has a set of 3 d6's, a easy tear booklet with the character sheets, and cards which are seperated into hero cards, special ability cards (1 per hero, four in total.), and four quests, each quest has a quest summary card and multiple cards that go within that quest, and a bottle opener which comes with each purchase of the Drinking Quest game I believe, on it said "What would Chuglox do?" I was certain I'd get to know Chuglox soon enough. autographed And I did, my boyfriend played Chuglox and our friend was the more rogueish character, and me with the female caster. It was off to a great start, but we didn't see a lot of drinking. So we drank beforehand, which may have made reading the rules a bit harder but we got through it! And we added in a few of our own drinking rules because, well, we like to drink and were pretty disappointed there wasn't more drinking components added into it. I feel as if the game is too easy sober, and too light on drinking to be more of a drunken game. Alas we broke into it, you can play with two to four players as the main but if you want more then you'll have to choose a character already chosen (no problem though, as you choose the character from the card and transfer the information onto a small piece of paper, your character sheet.   portwenches The rules of the game are pretty simple to follow, and you also have a shop card (which I forgot to mention, haha.) as well as a quick-rules card. The shop card I find a great touch, but I feel can be expanded upon. Before the game was over we were rolling in coins, we made up a house rule on the spot to have one time use consumable items, such as the drinks you buy to revive yourself. We used items such as "poisons" which ad a bonus to hit etc. but are one time use, not that we much needed it as we pretty much kicked ass, but it was still something else to spend our hard earned coin on. The monsters or various enemies you fight are cards that the person to your right (or however you choose to do it) controls, which gives you the glee of trying to kill off your comrade. They have an experience system but no leveling, the highest experience at the end of the game wins. The drinking comes where when you die, if you don't have a bellow ale, you have to chug your drink. (Or take swigs.) At first we didn't know what a bellow ale was, we were already a bit drunk so realizing that it was given to you in cards or in shop was beyond us, so we were doing shots until we figured out that oh! Hey, bellow ale is an in game item. Whoops. There was also skill challenges, these were a great addition and I was glad to see not all "hack and slash", and really added a new element as when you passed them, you were able to up scores among yeahitsvader other things. The game seems simple enough to expand upon, which we were able to do even drunk, and I think has great potential. I think I spied more cards in Drinking Quest 2 that asks you to drink as part of it. For me I like to torture my friends when I play these times a games, so more versus would be interesting! Or talking in strange voices, anyways. I'd like to see the shop expanded a little and I'd like to see more drinking in it, as when we see "drinking quest" most of us pull out bottles and bottles of beer and alcohol of our choice. Many people ask if this is like flux or munchkin, and it has a very distinct and different feel. This has a lot of humor on the cards but it is a lot closer to a tabletop rpg with simpler rules, I think not only is it a fun game but it is really easy to expand upon. Absolutely a perfect game mix. Drinking Quest can be found at for as it says $22.49 + 6, or get both games for a around $50 in total and great game for christmas, can spread some holiday cheer with a good bottle of peppermint schnapps! I really would say I'd give something like this a 4/5. I'd like to see a shop expanded and more drinking options, but I haven't even cracked Drinking Quest 2 yet. We were able to play the game sloshed and it was extremely fun to play with pretty fun cartoons and quirky wise cracks on the cards.great to do while drunk but to be honest I think it'd be a great introduction to people who have never tried table top also, it is close enough to the feel without being overwhelming and heck if they drink will loosen them up a bit!    
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