by Lady Rukiara in May 09,2013
header-dungeons-dragons-film-right-land-at-warner-bros   Inside my room on the left wall I have a huge vinyl poster of the original Dungeons and Dragons movie, though I love the poster thinking of the actual movies commonly pain my soul. Remember when they gave out blue lipstick with the movie? I mean, really? Luckily my parents never wore it around or I may have to be scarred for life as well as concerned. Well now they are making a new Dungeons and Dragons movie, now some of you might go hurrah! But the people who bought the rights is Warner Brothers, though I do not shame the company I know many of us are going to be rather concerned about what they might do. Any hardcore Conan fans who read all the books will understand a similar pain (The beginning of the movie was great! Why didn't they keep it that way! Ugh! Anyways.). The project is surprisingly far in development apparently and has a script being written by David Leslie Johnson who did Wrath of the Titans, Walking Dead, Red Riding Hood and others. Apparently he did a screenplay last year based on CHAINMAIL (for those who don't know, that is DnDs predecessor. ) and they will be adapting that into the Dungeons and dragons Movie. My stomach is churning at the possibilities, will they succeed or bring us more garbage? Though recent movies such as the Hobbit and Game of Thrones, etc. have brought more of a fantasy element back on screen, if done right the movie could bring in a big audience. I hope they leave out our devil worshiping and sacrificing goats, what would we ever do if word got out? Jokes aside, how do you feel about this? If you could choose any studio to do Dungeons and Dragons Movies, who would it be? Let us know!  
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