by Lady Rukiara in Mar 15,2016

What's this you say? A new thing? Yes! A new thing. We're starting Free Module Monday's where we round up some of our favorite modules that cost...wait for it. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Some of the greatest things in life are free, we always say. We do say that, right? So here's a few of our top modules we found for you guys to enjoy for your respective games. So crack out the tablets, printers, whatever you end up using and get to reading these free PDFs!  


#1 Elemental Evil Players Companion

Though not exactly a module, this supplement is meant to be an accessory to support Elemental Evil-Princes of the Apocalypse adventure. Though this supplement says evil right in the title, the elemental power is not inherently dark, villainous or evil. any alignment can harness and master the Evil Elemental power. This provides everything that you will need to build a character that can be directly tied into the Elemental evil storyline. This supplement includes a few new races such as:

  • Aarakocra
  • Deep Gnome
  • Genasi
  • Goliath

As well as a variety of new spells. This is an official Wizards of the Coast release, and can be alternatively purchased as a softcover book as well for $7.99-$9.99.  


#2 Mini Quest: Trials of the Spider Witch

This Mini Quest is actually rather comprehensive with maps, language, pictures, stats, and gets RIGHT into the meat. A D20 fantasy quest you can grab that is for a one-off session. The characters are asked to check out a haunted tower and bridge that was lost during the Border Wars and then determine the fate of the Legendary Commander. Survive RPG offer a LARGE variety of free Mini-Quests.


#3 Fates Worse Than Death: Rentpunk

This is an adventure in 2080 in New york City, you live in a sort of "ghetto" but this is one of the few places where you can still be "Free" and live how you want, think for yourself and more. In Rentpunk this is a module about a few roommates trying to make rent in the gritty urban cyberpunk settings Fates Worse Than Death. What horrible things will have to be done?   So! What are you waiting for? Get to gaming! We will be posting these every monday with different modules, do you have a specific ruleset you'd like to see in the next Module Monday? Tweet at us @Rpg_org or leave a comment here! Happy Gaming folks!  

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