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  Two well-known uber-geeks, Jen Page and Monte Cook are ready to take a perilous journey to look after things like aliens, ghosts, bigfoot and the Ogopogo. They also want to film what they find, and produce a web series about it. It will be :

Geek Seekers - A Web Series About Geeking the Unknown


  But to start the series they need money. They need specialized equipment, cameras, lights, and they must pay travel costs, food, and many other things what is needed for the project. So therefore they started a Kickstarter project.

  They created a very enjoyable video (see below) in which they ask for your support. They will find out the truth (if there is any) while cracking jokes and providing awesome geekiness along the way.

If somehow you don't know these two uber-geeks yet, here is a little summary about them, taken directly from their Kickstarter page :

Jen Page: An actor, a filmmaker, and a model, Jen has already cemented herself in the geek world. Her recent acting projects allowed her to become a rebellious alien, a crafty sorceress rogue and a vampire (twice). 

As a child, though, Jen dreamed of being even more than that. Jen’s wild imagination convinced her she could be a superhero when she grew up. Or perhaps a cowboy gypsy scientist ghost hunter. All her life people told her that she wasn't being realistic, but she ignored them. Finally, she met someone that agreed with her. After talking to Monte, Jen realized that she could ghost hunt, fight Bigfoot, read palms and wear some kick ass goggles; all while talking geekery with her genre-appropriate co-host.

Monte Cook: Monte is that D&D guy. He's never had a real job. For most of his adult life, he's stayed at home writing novels, game books, articles, and short stories. He designed Heroclix, co-wrote 3rd Edition D&D, and is working on some new D&D thing. He even wrote a book about conspiracy theories, aliens, and kooky stuff like that. It never occurred to him until he met Jen that he could actually go out and investigate UFOs, ghosts, and  the paranormal first hand. Even better, she added, "and when we do, let's film it!" Now action-oriented Monte has a new rule. He never does anything that he can't justify to his 16-year-old self should he ever travel back in time. When reached for comment regarding Geek Seekers, 16-year old Monte said, "Sounds cool. Can we talk about movies, games, and other geeky stuff on the way to the investigations?" Yes, 16-year old Monte, yes we can.

I think you should take a look at their video and Kickstarter page and support their cause if you can, and if you are interested.

Zoltán "Cain" Mészáros

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