by Lady Rukiara in May 05,2013
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Here we are again with another review from! Today I'm reviewing something I think you guys will like a bit more than the last, seeings as they all seem like classic RPGs, the Hellish Dungeons Bundle! This Bundle includes 99 levels to hell, rogue's tale, and Guy vs The Wicked and Nefarious Land. We were able to get our hands on the bundle+ which includes Claustrophobia and Dark Gates, we'll also be having a give away of this bundle! Scroll down to the bottom for the giveaway!   Guy vs The Wicked and Nefarious Land:   This game was interesting and at first I had my doubts, it had the amateur anime-esque art with most of the faces hidden, that made me a bit wary at first but after a moment it really didn't bother me. The game is kind of addicting but can also be a bit frustrating until you find out one special thing: When you go into a level and fail, fail, and fail again you are able to quit said level and you keep all of your gems/money you collected and upgrade, but the upgrades are sort of limited. It does have a flash game feel but is worth the purchase in the bundle, though I am afraid I wouldn't purchase it outside of this bundle. The game is worth it in the bundle, as it has that addicting level to it, when you die you have to reset that level but you have X amount of times you can die based on the amulet you possess before the reset happens, so like a variation of "Game over" only you don't restart the whole game. Not much more to say about it, you go level-to-level and its a top down view, some controls are a bit controlling and the characters are made to I think seem a bit cocky or light hearted, but come off a bit off-putting. Though there are some funny references in the game. Guy vs The Wicked and Nefarious LandGuyGame 2013-05-03 08-06-39-78GuyGame 2013-05-03 08-09-50-21 GuyGame 2013-05-03 08-09-45-16GuyGame 2013-05-03 08-49-07-00 GuyGame 2013-05-03 08-42-16-76 GuyGame 2013-05-03 08-22-02-57 GuyGame 2013-05-03 08-36-25-93 GuyGame 2013-05-03 08-35-22-83  GuyGame 2013-05-03 08-12-28-95  GuyGame 2013-05-03 08-09-41-21     99 Levels to Hell:   This game seems to be a bit out of place, but still extremely fun. It's sort of a plat-forming shooter in the form of sort of a side-scroller. You, I assume, are going through 99 levels of hell! I haven't gotten through all the levels, but the BIGGEST plus to this game was I got to use my controller! And the controls worked SMOOTHLY, I was too in love with my controller to try it with my computer, but I assume it isn't far from the same. The graphics are cartoonish but charming for this game, you'll need to survive to win! After 10 levels you will hit a boss fight to unlock the next door. The replay value is rather high as you will unlock new adventurers and there is a slight time limit in some levels (which they incorporated really well I think) so you can find more secrets and hidden areas. This game by itself runs $9.99 on Desura. Really fun game. 99 Levels To Hell 99 Levels To Hell 2013-05-03 07-29-14-95 99 Levels To Hell 2013-05-03 07-11-45-56  99 Levels To Hell 2013-05-03 07-32-16-72 99 Levels To Hell 2013-05-03 07-23-01-62 99 Levels To Hell 2013-05-03 07-01-06-91 99 Levels To Hell 2013-05-03 07-04-45-82 99 Levels To Hell 2013-05-03 07-14-45-64   Rogue's Tale:   This is my favorite out the the basic bundle, it's a sort of turn-based dungeon crawler, the dungeons are randomly generated and so sometimes have a few glitches. Such as obstacles you can not get over therefore forcing you to “Retire” your character. Don't expect to last long however, as I find myself dieing constantly, sometimes you get put in as a level 1 with nothing but a dagger and get mobbed by a hoard of orcs, some daemons, and insult to injury giant snails that just eat the crap out of you, but restarting is a breeze (a matter of spamming enter about 3-5 times to restart) though the deaths are kind of fun to read. It's humorous and rather addicting. You have to keep fed and you can personalize your little sprite, who also as you pick up new gear will change in the game. I really appreciate customization. The shops are really expensive and not as easy to access, and skills are something that don't happen every level but they are customizable. I really dislike every item you pick up needs to be identified and costs 20 gold, and most of the time the items sell for much less than that. Even your basic dagger needs identifying, so skip the little stuff and just go for the money makers! It can be a bit tedious at times, but this game alone recently cut it's price and I would pay $5 for this game ALONE, so. Well worth it in the end!! Just remember this is a survival game, when you die it's over and you have to start over! No save button here! Rogue 2013-05-03 04-30-54-95 Rogue 2013-05-03 03-14-14-43  Rogue 2013-05-03 05-48-10-61  Rogue 2013-05-03 03-50-20-31Rogue 2013-05-03 02-00-05-94   Bundle+:       Claustrophobia:   Claustrophobia: The Downward Struggle is an amazing RPG, it is much like Rogue's Tale but the textures are a bit more in depth and you can expect to survive longer, with more coherent shops scattered about, these dungeons also seem to be randomly generated as I've ran into a few doors that open up to one square of nothing. The mobs have rather amusing names and the descriptions are well worth a read, referencing some of the best sly-humor and even more popular pop references. I was playing this and Rogue's Tale much longer than I was suppose too when I should have been writing this review. Oops! The customization is a lot more in depth with easier to get and access spells/abilities and other various weapon stats which have made me actually question which ones I should use, rather than being black and white on higher numbers are better, as each will affect separate stats.   Just like Rogue's tale when you die, that's it! Though you can expect to last longer as each level you go downward goes up various levels, so the level you start on will be around 1-5ish give or take a few levels and deeper will continue going up level, so you'll be hard pressed to jump into a hoard of daemons and orcs. There is also a crafting system which at first I ignored but after I kind of figured it out realized I can not live without it! You can make potions, armor, bows, arrows, etc. I found that the scrolls were also my god-sends, a combination of invisibility potion and teleport scroll saved my life more than once, much more than health potions!   Oh, and, hint-hint, in case you do what I did and you can't figure out how to SELL in stores, Shift + Right click. Thought I'd give a heads up, took me playing through multiple times to figure that out, then again maybe I'm just thick! Claustrophobia Claustrophobia 2013-05-03 06-09-39-14 Claustrophobia 2013-05-03 06-16-35-71 Claustrophobia 2013-05-04 22-12-10-36 Claustrophobia 2013-05-05 00-22-57-05 Claustrophobia 2013-05-04 21-07-27-71 Claustrophobia 2013-05-03 06-33-32-96   Dark Gates:   This game I did not like at all. The draw is suppose to the dungeon creates itself as you play, but the art is extremely low-par, it has some alright characters but it looks like someone just scanned in the pictures and put them in like that. More power to traditional artists, but maybe I'm spoiled with digital art. Though it is suppose to be similar to paper RPG Death Maze, Citadel of Blood, or Labirynt Smierci and so you may enjoy it if you did those. The game play is good and controls are decent though I wish I could use my mouse for picking characters and spells, again one of my spoiled-knit picks of the future I suppose!   HOWEVER the game IS in alpha stage, so things are missing or not working and are looking for updates. This is definitely a game I'd support to see it move forward, and for the extra $2 you get this game and Claustrophobia I have absolutely no gripe on that one. With some improvement I think the game has a lot of promise, as it feels like a classic dungeon crawling adventure otherwise. This is a pretty tough game, has combat system where you form lines and the lines attack in turns etc. So it is a bit different I can see many liking it, just not my forte! :)   Note: My screenshots started giving me crap at this point, so you can see some images here and I'll probably upload these as I get it fixed!   That's about the gist of it! So enter our giveaway bellow for the Bundle+ all of these games are DRM Free via Desura free downloads, 99 levels to hell you can download straight to your pc (Or Mac!) and a steam key is guaranteed if they are greenlit. Only one winner this time!   Bundle Deal expires on June 1st so if you want it get it quick at this link! Or enter the giveaway below.     a Rafflecopter giveaway
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