by Lady Rukiara in Oct 04,2013
Iron Age is a game I mentioned back in a previous post, and the author has set his sight on a determined path of constant updating and bettering of his book. This tabletop rpg is set around 1st BC, or 727 Roman. Though the historical based game is based in Europe, the races you can play still may seem a little familiar to typical fantasy players. Ranging from Dwarf, Elf, Fay/Nymph, to the various types of humans. Though the humans range from Continental, Mediterranean, North, and Stepps each vary slightly in the characteristics they are given bonuses too. This game goes into a lot of depth, starting with Racial Possessions. Usually I find these kind of tables mundane, but I found this one a bit interesting as the races get a few unique items such as dwarves start with Bear Pelts, and Nymphs with Light translucent dresses, and every variation in between. Another thing I noted of interest was that Elvish and Unicorn blood toxic to vampires, acting as a poison if they drink it. The Mass Combat system is fun and comprehensible, and basic combat isn't so "basic". Though not complicated, it doesn't have a dull moment and is much more custom feeling and interactable than in many other games of its kind. Giving a fun experience and customizing the small encounters to be more personable instead a brainless hack-n-slash game. The system also has an AC level for different areas of your body. The psychology of characters and npcs are also taken into account, everything from different severity levels of Anxiety disorders, feral madness, basic mental disorders such as addiction, phobia, bipolar, and much more. Though the good part of psychology is in there too including love, seduction, lovemaking, etc. The book is easy to read, professional looking, and has a comprehensible character sheet with it. But if you are looking to check the game out for yourself, they've given a special discount link for our subscribers! Follow this link for a discount!  Iron Age FRP Iron Age FRP Iron Age FRP Iron Age FRP Iron Age FRP
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