by Lady Rukiara in Jun 19,2013
Bit behind on reviews, but here's the Indie Bundle Review for the Krazy Kinetic Bundle. These games are $5 or $7 for the the "plus" and each game is commonly worth $10+ and you get a minimum of 3! There is also a give away at the bottom of the reviews for the bundle. Good luck!   StarDrone - 3.5 / 5 For a mini game like this it is extremely pretty and really nice to use, it's like a variation of a pinball game. Though I'm not very good at it I find it extremely amusing and fun to play. You shoot your ship out and use the gravitation pulls to thrust the ship in opposing the other direction. Really fun and amusing. [gallery ids="11457,11458,11459,11460,11461,11462,11463,11464,11465,11466,11467,11468,11469"]   Rhythm Destruction - 3.0 /5 A bit confusing at first, but it's exactly like playing a DDR game with keyboard/controller only you are using a ship instead. It's got some pretty good music scores set to it, and rather smooth controls. [gallery ids="11470,11471,11472,11473,11474,11475,11476,11477,11478"]   Plazma Being - 3.0 / 5 A side scrolling platformer, has some good challenges and has some alright graphics. Rather interesting and almost sad story (poor Plazma Being all alone!). [gallery ids="11480,11481,11482,11483,11484,11485,11486,11487"]   Really Big Sky - 3.5 / 5 This game is an arcade style game that is extremely fun and humorous, a rather fun accent will insult or encourage/talk to you as you go about the game, starting with classic mode and other unlockables. Some nice scenery and graphics, with a good amount of challenge! [gallery ids="11488,11489,11490,11491,11492"]   a Rafflecopter giveaway
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