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Today Wizards of the Coast releases their first foldout battle maps in their new Map Pack series: Haunted Temples. Providing high-quality maps, the new release is compatible with all Dungeons & Dragons editions, and are designed to use with D&D miniatures.

  Map Pack: Haunted Temples is a new release from Wizards of the Coast. Containing three double-sided 21" x 30" high-quality battle maps, featuring 1-inch scale grids they provide six different encounter locations for Dungeons & Dragons.

  The Map Pack is a completely new series from the publisher, starting with this release. All of the Map Packs will contain three double-sized map (as Haunted Temples do), with the following distribution : four maps are from currently unavailable out-of-print products, while the other two are completely new designed for the new release.

  The new maps are designed by Christopher Perkins, and he detailed the design process on in a Design & Development article. Jason Engle did the cartography for the reprinted maps, and rendered the new maps as well, making a very good work with the project.

  There is already two other Map Packs are planned this year after Map Pack: Haunted Temples. In July they will present Map Pack: Vaults of the Underdark, and in the end of the year Map Pack: Shattered Keeps will be released. As I write this article, currently none of the later products appear in Wizard's product catalog.

To give a glimpse on the new product, here is one of the new maps (a haunted chapel with cemetery), taken from the design article :

As a Game Master I think we can't have too much maps, and $11,95 for six 21" x 30" seems a very reasonable price.

Zoltán "Cain" Mészáros

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