by Lady Rukiara in Apr 20,2014
I have to admit lately I'm a sucker for Rogue like games, and I recently found my favorite, but just as I thought it couldn't get better, I found this. Popup Dungeon, at first with the blocky characters I was thinking I found a fantasy minecraft, but then I started reading and looking deeper into the game. First of all I did not expect to see a roguelike dungeon crawler, which they will be releasing on PC, Mac, and Linux! But the thing that stands out the most, other than the way their dungeons are set up graphically is the fact that it's a papercraft that interests me greatly, I will stress a hundred times I am a sucker for character customization and this game gives you the ability to play absolutely any character you can imagine. This papercraft, roguelike rpg has a turn-based RPG game system that is similar to that of Final Fantasy Tactics. Of course, you can use their premade characters and you don't have to have an art degree to make a character, weapon, abilities, etc. Or, you know, you can make everything you see from scratch. This game can be played in single player or as co-op.

Key Features

  • Roguelike: permanent death, quick gains, procedural dungeons, and a mixture of handcrafted and procedurally generated loot
  • Tactical Turn-Based RPG: fast-paced, strategic game play
  • Infinitely Extensible: Users can easily create: weapons, abilities, characters, and enemies.
  • Papercraft: We hand-fold every pixel to ensure every dungeon is fresh and lively for you!
  • Multiplayer: Hot Seat or Online Coop (Versus mode is a Stretch Goal)
  • Flexible Party Size: Dungeon Crawl alone or with a party
  • Variable Challenges: Choose the dungeon crawl that's right for your schedule, fromsingle-seaters to infinite descents.
  • Persistent Gains: Charms awarded by The Wizard after a run are permanent and give every character under your control a bonus. They are quite magical. Collect and combine them to achieve curious effects.
  • Experienced Team: Made by Triple.B.Titles, an independent studio that has previously taken a game from Kickstarter to Steam.
Their current Kickstarter project is looking to fund $80,000 to include one very unique tool (not to say the whole thing is pretty unique, honestly.) called the "Dungeon Master System". ab57b0ed194232305297e993795ad928_large This allows one player to assume the role of "The Wizard" and control the course of an adventure DEF system. (Dungeon, Enemies, and Fate.) Dungeon The DM will be able to control the following factors of the dungeon:
  • Tile Set - which tile set the adventurers will visit next
  • Population - how densely the enemy population will be
  • Clutter - the amount of props placed in the level
  • Size - how big the level will be
  • Theme - whether the enemies and props that spawn are restricted by tile set or all-inclusive
Among many, many other things. If you'd like to see a full scope of the Dungeon Master System, take a look on their kickstarter page here. 896866462a427ba37381cface1a48e65_large   Their weapon system also interests me greatly, not only can you take an image and import it into the game to create your own weapons, but obviously they have preset weapons you can purchase through the game from vending machines (as with many other items). I personally, think the hamburger would be the best thing to calm my nerves while I beat my enemy to death with a keyboard. But, that's my personal opinion. They also have it set up where you can create and imagine up new abilities, as they say they will "Take care of all the boring stuff, unleashing your imagination as a creator!" The last but not least thing I will mention is their custom skin creator. You can take anything you would want and make it your character. 421fe4bc61ce26e0f0dd71df13996c98_largeI will say it a hundred times if I have too, I am infatuated with character customization, and this one literally puts it in your hands, or lets you choose as you would like! I'm super excited about a rogue like game in this manner. Anyways check them out at their locations below and let us know what you think!       Kickstarter: Trailer: Ability Creation Video: Screenshots Available at  
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