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On Monday, February 6th, will launch it’s site. BareHanded­ will also be debuting the nearly full range of Digital Sculpts for the Global Police Force (GPF) Faction.

This is Project: Future Perfect (PFP), a gritty post apocalyptic miniature battle game. The GPF is an order of cybernetically enhanced peacekeepers tasked with the responsibility of keeping humanity safe from fierce demon like creatures, insane cultists, and techno terrorists. The GPF is led by a group of genetically advanced humans known as “Perfects”. These Perfect humans wield both heightened physical and arcane powers used to destroy the enemies of humanity.

Project: Future Perfect is a tabletop skirmish game that mixes an action point style battle game with RPG elements. To gain a comprehensive understanding of how PFP plays, it is helpful to learn a few of the core mechanics of the tabletop battle game

Ley lines­ - Ley lines are markers placed on the battlefield for certain characters and units to draw energy (action points) from. These characters can use this energy for skills to attack enemies, buff allies, or distribute the energy among their allies in order to use their own skills.

One on One Combat - Combat is fought 1:1. Every model entering combat is paired off with an enemy model. For an uneven number of models, a player can choose to double or triple team models. They can also choose to keep their extra models out of combat, keeping them safe.

Critical Hits - With every swing and every shot, models have the opportunity to unleash even greater damage on their opponents. PFP gives players the ability to buy weapon upgrades and skills that possess critical effects

These game mechanics along with others make Project: Future Perfect a unique blend of tactical tabletop battle and action role playing. So again check out www.BareHanded­ on Febuary 6th for all the news and updates on our game Project: Future Perfect.

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