by Lady Rukiara in May 02,2014

Browsing through kickstarter I stumbled upon a kickstarter that is already funded but now looking to hit its stretch goals, and I'm in love. It is Rare Elements RPG Fantasy Currency & Coins, meaning actual engraved coins of various metals into a fantasy currency that you can hold. They call it their Alignment currency, where all of the coins feature unique art in nine denominations. They are all handcrafted from pure metals at what the kickstarter says is their family owned facility. The currency consists of their Elemental currency, featuring dethek runes and some original artwork by Kerry Bodenbender.

RPG Real Coins and Currency  

60 Alignment coins per currency set.

Qty    Denom     Alignment               Size           Metal

2        100         Lawful Good           1.54"         Antiqued Copper

3          50         Chaotic Neutral      1.34"         Antiqued Brass

5          20         Chaotic Evil             1.073"      Antiqued Brass

10        10         Lawful Evil               1.073"      Antiqued Nickel Silver

15          5         Chaotic Good           .984"      Antiqued Brass

25          1         Neutral Good            .984"      Antiqued Copper

The coins have exquisite detail and still a rustic archaic feel, even if not used during actual gaming or LARP the addition to any good gaming "Dungeon" or room would be a great conversation piece.

They have their currency as well as a kickstarter exclusive fire dragon colored 100 denomination coin. One of the many incentives to get involved while kickstarter is going. Though they have a few kickstarter exclusives they still have 24 days left and are aiming for their stretch goals. The first stretch goal of 30k has unlocked 1/2 Denomination Neutral Evil and 1/4 Denomination Alignment runes.

Their next closest (and almost made it at time of writing this) is 500 Denominatino for Lawful Good. Going further on they add other things such as metal finish options, shiny and blackened ore, alignment character cards pdf, 1000 denomination, shadow para-elemental, limited edition pure nickel, true neutral hydra and so much more.


It's hard to find a lot to say about it since the images speak for themselves on their site and on kickstarter. They currently already have an elemental currency, and a few other things you can purchase currently on their site but the neutral currency set is by far my favorite so far.

Check out their website here.

And their kickstarter.

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