by Lady Rukiara in Dec 08,2013
Awhile back people made an elaborate mod of Morroblivion and fans went nuts, well, the same people have done it again with The Elder Scrolls V: Skywind. Morroblivion is one of my heroes, and they've released a new trailer Call of the East advertising their work on this new mod. Not all of the gameplay in the trailer reflects final product, but you should check it out.   [caption id="attachment_11545" align="alignnone" width="640"]Skyrim and Morrowind meshing together in one awesome game mod. Skyrim and Morrowind meshing together in one awesome game mod.[/caption]
I am pleased to announce the new official trailer for Skywind. The entire video is based off of the official Skyrim launch trailer. Footage in this video does not reflect the final product. A huge thanks to everyone working on this project and making it become a reality. For more information, please visit
    Some good things to note is that Skywind is non-commercial, and completely fan made. This mod will give enhanced graphics and capabilities that are in Skyrim's engine back to some of our older amazing days in Morrowind.   In order to run this you will need to won Both games, as you will be using Skyrim's system requirements in order to run it. It will include the user interface, combat, and graphics of Skyrim. You will need Morrowind and it's expansions Bloodmoon and Tribunal. It is posted that pirated versions will not work properly and you will need both games legitimately. There will also be an Oblivion Conversion, though that will take place after Skywind's final release and will run separately. The armor system will stay similar to Morrowind, so 2 pauldrons, 2 gauntlets, greaves, boots, cuirass, and a helmet on your character all at once.   The masterfile currently can be downloaded and installed however the game is not currently completely finished and they still have a bit of work to do. For more information check out their website, and support them in creating this awesome game mod!
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