by Lady Rukiara in Apr 04,2016

Soul Thief is the sequel to Lost Decade Games' "A Wizards Lizard" where you can play as the monsters!

Run around in their dynamic dungeons, smash stuff, be stuff that usually gets smashed and exact your most wonderful revenge, explore the ever changing environment, and you know, of course, wield the most powerful weapon of them all.... Killer bees. DUN DUN DUUNN!!! You heard right! Killer. Bees!! Anyways, this game launches it's early access tomorrow (April 5th, for those of you in the future!) and check out their video and press release down below while you prepare yourself for an adventure into some perma-death!

Lost Decade Games is delighted to announce the April 5th release of A Wizard’s Lizard: Soul Thief on Steam Early Access (PC) for $9.99.

The sequel to 2014’s A Wizard’s Lizard, Soul Thief, is a hardcore rogue-lite action RPG where you possess and play as monsters. In the game, which wickedly incorporating permadeath and is full of challenging ever-changing dungeons, players will need to possess any body they can to survive!

Early Access Features: 

  • Play as monsters! Possessable enemies include Suits of Armor, Pig Heads, Killer Plants, Headless Chickens, and over a dozen more
  • Fight as monsters! Every monster has a unique attack and playing as certain monsters is often the best strategic decision. Choose wisely!
  • Explore an ever-changing dungeon! Brave the Wizard's Cursed dungeon, including the Haunted Library, Animated Kitchen, and Cursed Courtyard
  • Discover and wield secondary attacks! Such as Fire Fingers, Blink, Rupture, and Killer Bees! Lost Decade Games is diving into Early Access head first and putting heavy focus on adding significant content regularly. The team will be shipping updates every week and the plan is to have the game in Early Access for roughly six months.

Early Access Roadmap* 

  • Two additional dungeons: Playroom and Wizard’s Lab
  • Loads of new enemies. Not only for the two new dungeons but for existing ones too
  • Secret levels
  • Side quests and challenges
  • Mini-bosses and random bosses per dungeon
  • Leaderboards (potentially for Daily Runs) *Partial and subject to change “The response to A Wizard’s Lizard two years ago was very encouraging and we are fired up to be releasing the sequel. We p'ut a lot of time and care into crafting

A Wizard’s Lizard: Soul Thief into a game that has roots in the original but is an entirely new experience. The player’s ability to possess and play as any monster is a big departure from the original and simply a ton of fun. We hope old and new fans alike will find a lot to love in the game today and the hefty content we ad while in Early Access,” says Lost Decade Games co-founder Geoff Blair. For more information about A Wizard’s Lizard: Soul Thief, please visit the game's Steam page:

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