by Lady Rukiara in May 18,2014

The game starts off immediately after a small intro, and following your fathers footsteps you start off immediately after you move to Feludia to your fathers workshop. “In hopes to become the greatest sword crafting smith..”

 Sword Quest FB Game Review

You are greeted by a very typical anime-esque girl who tells you she is to help you and is our fathers apprentice, you do a quick tutorial in starting to make swords. Which is rather simple, you place, hammer, and unveil your creations.

Sword Quest FB Game Review

There is a daily “choose a card” raffle that gives you a chance to get rare materials, as all fb games inviting friends also gives you that opportunity. Friends can help you hammer swords and visa versu, you are able to add different qualities.

You can use Ice Hammer, which gives -5 temperature, fire hammer, which gives +5 temperature, Soul hammer (which are limited) which gives -30 crafting time, and +3 quality, or the simple Smith hammer which gives +1 Quality and +3 CP (Which is explained in game.) Swords will lose quality if they drop below or get too high above a certain temperature, temperature hammers seem to be able to be used once every half hour. While Soul hammers can be recharged with special materials, there is only 30 to start with.  

Of course, smithing takes time and materials. So you'll have to go adventure. When you go out and adventure combat is based on matching “orbs”, match 3 or more and you hit! The more you match, the more critical the hit. Combat lasts for only 12 turns, anymore than that and regular enemies will flee, bosses will annihilate you by hitting you for 99999 damage.   Of course when adventuring you have “Stamina”, which is the same as energy in any of the other fb games you play.

The only way to replenish this is by eating food which you can buy or sometimes earn through raffles etc. Luckily you can pass the time by crafting, though when both of those things are done you'll just have to wait. I did get about an hours worth of play in adventuring before I had to go back and play inside of my workshop.

Even the simplest hammers seem to take forever to finish, which is kind of off putting to me. You are given 10 “tokens” to start which you can use on various items, though there is not much that can buy. I cracked down and bought a burger with mine which gives 20 stamina.   Of course the different swords you make can be turned into weapons you then use to adventure, sold, or saved to make better swords. I was able to get about 2 hours of gameplay before I had to sit back and let my stamina come back.

It takes about 5 minutes per 1 stamina, and it costs 1-2 stamina to enter the first areas, and then 1 stamina per action. The game is a series of clicking through a path and fighting monsters or getting random events. All in all not a bad time waster, but kind of off putting by how long everything takes so it won't keep me on as long as I'd like. Not as interactive as weaponshop whiel crafting, but not bad none the less. I'd give it a 3/5.

Sword Quest FB Game Review

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