Silver Fox Crosses Minis with Settlers of Catan purple pawn

Silver Fox Crosses Minis with Settlers of Catan

Silver Fox Productions’ subsidiary RAFM presents officially licensed miniatures to replace your wooden bits for Settlers of Catan. Unless I’m mistaken, pictured is a few settlements and cities, roads, and a robber. Minis come in Vikings, Chines

GW Restricts European Retailers; Hasbro Moves Jobs Out of MA Blog

GW Restricts European Retailers; Hasbro Moves Jobs Out of MA

Games Workshop is raising prices (again) by as much as 20-25% on 270 products. They have also ordered that retailers in Europe may not sell products to customers outside of Europe, in order (they say) to boost the revenues of local stores that provide free

Pathfinder Prepainted Plastic Blog

Pathfinder Prepainted Plastic

Paizo and WizKids have announced that they will produce a (non-random) set of prepainted plastic miniatures to go along with the Pathfinder RPG Beginner Box . While sold separately, the set is specifically designed as an accessory to the introductory Pathf

Hail Caesar war games

Hail Caesar

In 2009, famed Warhammer co-designer Rick Priestly left Games Workshop to join Warlord Games. Warlord produces their own rules and minis, and also sells rules and minis from other companies. Rick’s first book for Warlord (with Jervis Johnson –

Game Bandit — Fat Edition rpgs

Game Bandit — Fat Edition

For 20% off a single order of Fat Dragon Games’ products at DriveThruRPG , use coupon code “FatMayJune11″. Mona Saves blog is giving away two copies of ThinkFun’s Snack Attack! Typical like/follow/tweet/comment rules to enter. Follo

Infinity Tokens From Litko Blog

Infinity Tokens From Litko

The latest from miniatures accessory maker, Litko, are markers for the futuristic skirmish game Infinity . These markers aren’t authorized by the game’s publisher. They’re also not as good looking as some markers we covered earlier from L