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We are proud to announce that the translation of our first quest, Just Another Day is fully completed on RPG.ORG's online interactive fiction website

There is an amazing new cover picture done by our talented artist Péter Kovács, and a  Teaser, which offers some background information into the world of Just Another Day. You can check it out here.  

The Quest Just Another Day puts you in the boots of a city guard in one of Felorian’s greatest cities, Cyrdain. At the start of the story you find out that there is going to be an inspection soon, and you should probably take care not to appear too incompetent in the next few days. There are five days left before the inspection, and each day you can choose between three different assignments.

Depending on how well you can absolve the challenge they pose you can solve one or two at most before you run out of time. There is also an option of being a honor guard in front of the royal palace - it poses no challenge, but no opportunities to shine either. The last day has three extra-hard and extra-long assignments, and you can only solve one of them in each playthrough.

In the end you will be rated on how well you did, and maybe, just maybe the day after the inspection won’t be just another day…   Mechanics and specifics Intended to be a fun, light-hearted tale, Just Another Day in one of the easiest quests on 6Quest.

It can be completed successfully simply by not screwing up. Earning yourself a promotion will prove much trickier however. Either you have to be exceptional in all your assignments and find a way to do enough of them to impress the inspecting Captain, or you need to be smart enough to connect the dots, and unravel a heinous crime by choosing the right assignments each day, and catching the elusive criminal behind them. The main goal of the Quest is to shed light on an Enigma, a missing piece of 6Quest lore - which can only we achieved by finding the identity of a mysterious murderer. From a technical standpoint, Just Another Day has a few interesting mechanics too.

It has a complex HUB system, which keeps track on how effective you are in solving your assignments, and determines whether or not you have time for another that day. The game also secretly tracks how much merit you earned by completing those tasks. After each day, you have the chance to prepare for another by spending some of your hard earned gold coins.

Getting hold of these can be easier if you decide to accept some bribes, but beware! A corrupt officer might have an easier time collecting merit, but if someone finds out, your career is over. There is no “Health” attribute in this quest, when you get hurt, you are taken to the infirmary, and you will be able to continue your job the next day. Be careful however, too many visits will mean the premature end of your tale...

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