by Lady Rukiara in Oct 15,2012
So I had a rather unique review waiting in my inbox, at first when I searched around the website and images I felt a little underwhelmed, everything seemed in a small stage, but I knew that everything deserves a good chance, so I delve into this head-on. Also, here's their facebook page.  The Way Walkers App/choose your own adventure is based on the Author's book series where a rare amount of people display certain Talents, and an even rarer few are able to tap into all of those talents (as opposed to just one.), those rare few who are selected get to go and train their skills in the big city at a rather prestigious school. At first I was cynical, searching for usual cliche's I'm use too, I found the introductory method quiet interesting, and I continued to read. I started off making my basic choices, but feeling that childhood excitement swell over me that I use to experience when I was young reading those choose your own story books and quickly began forming opinions of characters in the story, and found myself having real moral dilemma's. Feeling sorry for my actions, and even pondering the way I would in real life. It wasn't just frantic clicking. There's no way to amend a choice, so choose wisely. (Unless you start all over), and the choices were surprisingly deep, I was able to form my character into someone instead of just seeing what response I would get, I also noticed a "Stats" button, so I clicked it, naturally. Come to find out, each choice I made was surprisingly keep track of the type of person I was being, swaying me to a certain "Way." "The Ways" were the type of person you'd become, such as warrior type or the way of a "Medium" for spirits, or even "The Red", which happened to be the really bad guys, which I seemed to sway too a little too much, despite the fact I thought I was pretty decent! I naturally chose a girl, so I found myself running around the city with one of the boys, who, as my first impressions were, was a punk, and a little cliche jerk...then after awhile, starting growing fond of the character development, and wanting my character to befriend him, at the expense of the schoolwork even. Oh, did I mention schoolwork? I did, you are a student learning to hone your skills, which you have many of. I admit I kind of skimmed through a lot of the "class explanations , which there weren't many of, but it was because I was so excited to get back to the action, like a kid skimming their homework to get back to their friends. I did get a little frustrated at every step I tried to do a lot of it was thwarted, but I guess that's what happens when you try to play the jack of all trades, though after replaying the game two, three, four times, I found that each choice I make will make me strong in certain skills, changing the outcome every time. And I still had way more choices I could have chosen from. Admittedly, I did end up dieing though not until close to the end of my first "Semester", and death in itself was interesting, I was given the choice to "go back" but if I did, it would take a considerable toll on my body, and sure enough it did. I found when I "went back", I was actually in a medical wing, and my character was weak and suffered severely in her abilities. This concept in itself was thrilling. All in all, the story was exciting, and kept me pumped. I started thinking I'd get 15 minutes in or something, and then three hours later I'm hollering at my screen as if playing a video game or watching a movie. The concepts within the story are unique to me, though some have similarities to other things it is done in a way I have not experienced before. I would have to say I give this a big 4 out of 5, great and definitely worth the price, I'd like to see more honing done to it and the continuation for sure. Their official website is here, though it can be a bit confusing because the actual game can be play tested on your browser here (but leaves you at a cliffhanger, and I assure you the really great stuff comes after that.), or search your app store for Way Walkers, you can also find it in the chrome store and it only costs $1.99, well worth the pocket change.   Other links to find it at: iTunes Google Play Chrome Webstore  
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