by Lady Rukiara in Aug 11,2015

We all remember the last Dungeons and Dragons movie, and at last it was well received by very few. 

I remember the special screening before, when they give out the little gifts ya know? They gave out blue lipstick. Yes, blue lipstick. Even as a woman, it was awful blue lipstick. If that wasn't my first tip on the quality of the movie, I had no idea what was. Except, Oh, right, the whole movie. 

However it looks like Warner Bros. wants to reroll their character and try again. It's been awhile, but we are still feeling the sting of the last movie. Please stop making us look awful.  This new movie is rumored to be set in the Forgotten Realms universe, but not much else is known about it. There is also no announced director currently known, Greg Silverman, the Warner Bros. president of creative development and world wide production has high hopes for this movie, stating that the DnD has "endless creative possibilities" which will allow them a lot of fun and freedom. Businessman Allan Zeman spoke out about the previous movie.

"This is a huge blockbuster, done Warner Brothers-style," he said. "The other film was an original, independent film that was one of our first films. There's just absolutely no comparison. This film is in a totally different category; it can't even be compared to the original."

Our previous Dungeons and Dragons movie first came on 15 years ago, and has gotten a lot of terrible reviews since the moment the first person sat down. Zeman thinks that now is the best time for a fantasy film of this scale to finally try again. Zeman suspects that "Done right, which I'm sure it will be with Warner Brothers, there's no doubt in my mind that sequel and prequels will follow." We sure hope so, Zeman, we sure hope so.

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