by Lady Rukiara in Nov 18,2012
Recently news on cnet  popped up something more ancient than even our darkest RPG games, and maybe just as awesome. Somewhere between 304 to 30 B.C. the Egyption decided it was time to play a bit of their own game, perhaps a good D20 adventure game? "You walk into the "shopping mall", what do you do?" "I check to see if there are any sales." Haha, doubtful they were playing our age but they were doing something! In the Metropolitan Museum of Art  they have what is so far the worlds oldest D20, it's made out of serpentine and has a pretty solid shape. Looks just like our modern day D20s only with different symbols. Standing in a little over an inch tall, the symbols that are carved into the die instead of being our typical numbers appear to have more of a Greek origin to them, such as eta, theta, and epsilon can be clearly seen. What those symbols are, I have no idea but that's what's there! I wouldn't mind getting my hands on a die like that, but I wonder how cursed it would be and how many people had used it? Then again, a cursed die from ages ago might add a bit of magic to the game....either way it was a pretty cool find! Source.
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