Merry Christmas fellow roleplayers !

  I think it’s a fitting time to gift our readers with a collection of free RPG stuff, as it’s a very good think to give. So I searched throught the Internet to bring the best things to you from the thankfully lost of available free supplements laying around.

  I think most of our regular readers already met several free stuff on our homepage, but I give a recollection to those who maybe missed some of these:

  We collected several free roleplaying games, like the two excellent games from Greg Christopher (the Novarium fantasy RPG and the Cascade Failure Sci-fi RPG), or the Renaissance RPG from Cakebread & Walton

  We also mentioned free stuff like a Chistmas themed battlemap, an All Flesh Must Be Eaten adventure Waking Dead, the western themed Call of Cthulhu adventure Sundown, or the Traveller campaign Pirates of Drinax.

  But we not only collected free downloads, but also presented some new, as I created two free packs of Legend sample characters available for download (here and here).

  And when we talking about free RPG stuff, I have to mention the tools available from RPTools. You may read two articles about their softwares on our homepage (here and here).

The new stuff

I collected some new things for Christmas to our readers :

– For Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition players the new Spectral Magic sorcerer build from Huge Nerd Games could be interesting. Available from RPGNow here. It’s currently in beta.

– Pinnacle Entertainment Group provides several Christmas related adventures for Savage Worlds : Winter Break (horror), Silent Night, Hungry Night (Deadlands), and The Nutcrackers (Weird War Two)

– To Pathfinder players there are many free stuff available, thans to the many publishers adding content to the system. Now I recommend a Daily Spell List from LPJ Design, the Knight alternate-class from Goblin Rations, and for a less serious holiday fun, the Lazy GM: Spawn Of Non-Terrifying Beasts of Legend from Creative Conclave available here.

Shadowrun players may enjoy this poster about the Rhein-Ruhr-Megaplex

I hope everybody could find some useful thing in this collection for his or her gaming sessions.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros