Yesterday Green Ronin Publishing opened the gates for the open playtest of the Dragon Age RPG Set 3. With the new set (which was announced back in January) players could advance their characters from level 11 up to level 20, but the book offers much more than that.

  Both Set 1 and Set 2 was a big success for Dragon Age, and additional high-level content was highly on demand by the players. While Green Ronin couldn’t release Set 3 yet, they were able to put out a playtest version to make a “stress test” and make their players happy in the same time.

  Of course the playtest version is not complete : the full-length adventure, the background lore and many other things were left out, but regardless you may try out a big portion of the new release already.

What is in the playtest version ?

  The Dragon Age RPG Set 3 contains a lot of new character options, both for high level characters and even for lower level and starting characters. This obviously includes the class levels from 11-20, including it’s differences from earlier levels. However things won’t stop here, as we also receive twelve new backgrounds, with about half of them connected to the lands where the new adventure will take place.

  The new book will expand upon the Ability Focuses from the previous books, adding options like enchanting magic items with runes. From level 11 the characters gain the ability to improve their focus by selecting the same focus a second time, providing a +3 bonus instead of the previous +2. We also receive several new Talents (Carousing, Runecrafting to mention a few interesting one) and Specializations.

  As you may guess from what I mentioned regarding the Talents and Ability Focuses the Equipment chapter contains the new magical Runes. There are Armor Runes and Weapon Runes presented, and I think they will be a valuable addition to the player repertoire. The Magic chapter provides even more things to play with, including Spell Stunts and a big bunch of new spells, including classics like Fireball end the Specialization Spells for the Keeper and Force Mage Specializations.

  There are two chapters left I didn’t mentioned yet : adversaries and rewards. Since Dragon Age RPG Set 3 is for high level characters the adversaries chapter includes many extremely powerful foes including demons, as well as additional rules for NPC customization. Of course, we also receive some generic opponents too, as brigands and soldiers. The rewards chapter on the other hand provides an extension for the superior and magical items listed in previous sourcebooks, and titles for those characters who want to be leaders of the people.

I think if you consider everything there is a lots of things to playtest and enjoy while we are waiting for the finalized version.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros