The first round of Paizo‘s annual RPG Superstar 2012 is ended yesterday, meaning that round 2 is already started. In the first round the applicants had to create a new Wondrous Item suitable for the Pathfinder roleplaying-game, while avoiding certain pitfalls. The 32 items selected by the judges is available on Paizo‘s homepage, here.

Personally I have some favorites from the selected 32 :

Metamorphosis Saddle (Thomas LeBlanc) – I really like it’s dual-utility, especially because I’m a great fan of figurine of wondrous power. It has a chance to appear in my own ongoing Pathfinder campaign.

Basilisk’s Eye Sight (David Ludwig) – while I’m not a great fan of the Gunslinger class, it’s a very interesting item for the class

Sticky Pugfoot (Andrew Newton) – a reverse lucky rabbit foot, bordering on cursed items, but with some actual utility. With some precaution it could be a reusable and tricky player item.

  By the way, it’s interesting to see that the judges had very different opinions in many of the 32 items selected at the end. It seems they had different (but both valid) views on what they are looking for, and what’s is an (alomost) auto-reject and what’s not.

  Round 2 is already started for the participants, and now they must create a new organization with certain limits. (you may take a look at Round 2 rules here) The Top 32 won’t have too much time to work on their organization, since the round ends at Friday, and voting began on 31st of January. I’m really interested how they will perform with the new task!

I congratulate and wish good luck all participants !

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros