Catalyst Game Labs released the new Shadowrun: Mission 04-06: Hard Target to continue their adventure line. It’s a continuation of the ongoing series, as players are hunting for powerful artifacts in the shadows of Seattle

  Continuing their progress after Smuggler’s Blues our players will face new challenges. As you may know, the currents season of adventures follow two different stories, one about the strange artifacts (featured in the new mission), and one about the Seattle’s Orc Underground. Therefore in the last mission the players carried out a father’s personal vendetta in the On a Silver Platter mission.

  As the shadowrunners gets more and more involved in the fight between Draco Foundation and Atlantean Foundation for the mysterious artifacts they receive anew mission : they have to look for information in the dark corners of Seattle, where it seems some new enemies already waiting for them.

  One of the mysterious artifacts is in the hands of the Illuminates of the New Dawn, and the players must take down an unwilling and unlikely source, the title figure “Hard Target”, before things get worst. They have to find out where the Illuminates are hiding, before they complete their ritual. If they are unsuccessful,  things could get much nastier than before in Seattle.

Shadowrun: Mission 04-06: Hard Target is available for purchase on RPGNow.

For further information on the Season 4 missions you may check the Shadowrun website.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros