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  Maybe you remember that in November we published a short article about the release of the Basic Paths: Fangs From the Past adventure, released by 0One Games. As we mentioned, it's using the basic Pathfinder roleplaying-game rules, provided in the beginner box, providing newbie players a way to continue their adventures without venturing into the Pathfinder Complete Ruleset. Now, thanks to a good friend, I was able to take a look at the adventure, and review it for your information.

Please note, that some of my will be light spoilers, so this article is mainly for potential Game Masters.

A short recap about the story

 Well, I have to say to my fellow Game Masters, that the story I mentioned in the earlier article is a red hearing - the monster appeared in the area has no connection to the sorcerer Zafron. Instead of that, it has a connection to an 500 years old legend about a sage, who is bested a groups of tyrannical magical beasts in a test of wills to save the locals from them, and he binded them to leave the area for 500 years. Most of the 5 monsters (who were manticore/sphinx hybrids) was died since that, but one of them, while he is much weaker and older than before, now returns to take revenge on the people of the area. Along the way the characters will uncover the secret of the legendary sage, and they will face several opponents and hazards during their way.

The book itself

  The 47-page Fangs from the Past book contains the adventure (divided into three parts), the backstory, several battlemaps, player handouts and even monster pawns, providing a very complete pack to the players.

  I think the book really looks good with high-quality artwork and easily usable layout, with stats appearing in easily recognizable boxes, and everything nicely sorted out. In the I think I cannot deny that I really like theout look of the product.

  While it's obvious that the adventure is designed for inexperienced Game Masters and players, it's enable them to get deeper int the game. There are not just combats (and treasure) to get along, but several enviromental hazards too and some real puzzles to get along. The NPC-s are nicely fleshed out, with hint to the Game Master on how to use them.

  now that I mentioned hints, I have to say that this adventure is a great help for an inexperienced Game Master. The designers filled the book with GM Tips and other helpful bits (like NPC tactic) so I think it's really suited for a first or second adventure. You may even use this as a gateway dventure to the full Pathfinder rules, as options are readily available for that.

  I really like that the adventure has some nonstandard opposition in the form of it's main enemy, as well as some interesting encounters. And I didn't even mentioned the "turn players into toads" trap yet. The few puzzles in th adventure are meaningful while not overly complicated, and they are really rewarding for the players. (for example a +1 frost longsword with an additional ability is waiting for them)

Final words

All in all, Basic Paths: Fangs from the Past (PFRPG) is highly recommended for inexpereinced Game Masters, and even veterans may take a look if they are looking for a light adventure. The book is excellent both in production value and in execution, providing an easy to use adventure with a los of help to the GM. I guess it's no surprise, that I give it 5/5 stars.

If you would like to take a look yourself, the adventure is available at RPGNow, here.

Zoltán "Cain" Mészáros

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