The 4th season of Shadowrun Missions continues with the recent release of Shadowrun: Mission: 04-07 Burn. The election season is starting for “Project Freedom”, while shadowrunners are following a lead to the source of the mysterious deadly accidents plaguing the Ork Underground

  Catalyst Game Labs released the new mission for Season 4 – Shadowrun: Mission 04-07 Burn. The new mission is following the events from where On a Silver Platter left of, still dealing with the dangerous chaos of the Ork Underground. On the other hand, Burn don’t have a connection to the last mission: 04-06 Hard Target, as the current season includes two different storyline.

  During the adventure Proposition 23 (also known as “Project Freedom”) is coming closer to a vote, and it’s possible that it will make the Ork Underground a full district of the city of Seattle. However there are people who are not refrain themselves from any possible method to turn the votes in their favor, and bullets, explosives and blades will have an impact on the incoming events. “This has become more than a fight for votes—it’s a struggle for survival.”

  The players regular Fixer suspects that maybe it’s Alamos 20k, a terrorist group is responsible for the recent events. If the players could survive this adventure they my know much more about the real conspiracies behind the curtains which rock the Ork Underground.

  Shadowrun: Mission 04-07 Burn, as most Shadowrun adventures, is playable as a stand alone mission or as a part of the Buried Underground story-arc.

If you would like to purchase the adventure, it is currently available on RPGNow here.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros